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Learning German in Frankfurt

Why learning german? About 95 million people worldwide call german there native language. Most oft hem living in Central Europe, where german is the official  or coofficial language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, but as well in South Tyrol (Italy) and some Communities of Belgium, Lichtenstein and Luxembourg. Therefore German is after English the second widely spoken germanic language.

How learning German? There is a very special difficulty about learning German in Frankfurt, additionally so for students, who speak English. You might have already expierenced, that there are few cities in the world, which are so small than Frankfurt, but at the same time so international; Given that it is easy for many students to avoid speaking German both in private and business life. But to get a better insight of what German culture is really all about. Its diversity, its traditions, its humour… there is no way arround learning German.

What is the best way to learn German?

Without a doubt – the first thing you have to do is: Start to talk! While Buying train Tickets. At the till while Grossery Shopping. Asking fort the right way in the streets. Chating with your german collueges in the break. Don’t be shy and ask people arround you to speak in German with you. Out of question for starters German holds some difficulties for learners. German does have some very unique sounds in ist vocaling and the gramatical strukture is quite complex and different to for example southern european Languages.

But for learners of all levels, there ist o say: don’t  discourage. German is a language of rules. Both in pronunciation and as well in grammer. Many thinks you once start to understand, you will be able to use very easily.

German – Characteristics in grammer

In grammer Nouns have four cases (nominative, acusative, genitive and dative), two numbers (singular and plural) and three genders (masculine, feminine, neuter). For many beginners this is probably the hardest part about German and there ist o say – it will stay like this. Gender in nouns does have very few rules and most oft he time it is random. But don’t worry, if you are not able to get it right rapidly. This just takes time and a lot of practise. Until a certain level it ist o recommend, search yourself some help to not let to many mistakes to creep in, when your talking. Those a very difficult to get rid of later, after using the language for years. So better learn it right from the beginning in a competent atmosphere either alone in a SoloCourse or in a Group Training.


Most important German Words









Thanks/ Thank you

Danke/ Danke sehr

Good morning

Guten Morgen

Good day/ Good afternoon

Guten Tag                             

Good evening

Guten Abend     

Good night

Gute Nacht


Auf Wiedersehen                  



How are you?

Wie geht’s dir?                      

I’m fine thanks 

Mir geht’s gut.                      

What is your name?

Wie heißt du?                        

What is your name Sir/ Madam?

Wie heißen Sie?                    

My name is …

Ich heiße…

I am …

Ich bin …

I speak English

Ich spreche english.

I am learning German

Ich lerne deutsch.                 

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